Why Instagram will never replace blogs

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

I wanted to give my thoughts on the blogging vs insta debate. I keep hearing, ‘Insta is the new way to blog’ or ‘no one reads blogs anymore’.
Well we may feel like we are reading blogs less, yes. Insta is the easy way to record your thoughts quickly without all the extra stuff that comes along with blogging.

HOWEVER…..blogs are a massive factor to achieve a businesses desired SEO. While websites exist, blogs will always be a factor

I digress. I went to let’s say and ‘event’ a few weeks ago and was speaking to the founder of said brand *no names mentioned* who was absolutely set on growing the business through Instagram. ‘What about your optimisation over on your website?’ I said…’You should do this by engaging with bloggers – getting you follow links that will organically grow your SEO’ his reply was ‘No, blogs?, No one uses them, we won’t be using blogs’.

Big mistake. Google favours up to date, content.

Let’s look at this further.

You’ve got two companies. One enlists an influencer to ‘share’ a product let’s say for company one. The influencer shares the product through a grid picture or Instagram stories. Let’s say in an ideal world 10K followers see the post. You may go on to get a number of direct sales off the back of that. Great. That’s brilliant.
But what about the audience that’s not on Instagram..are you still targeting that market? Is Jenny mum of one from Cambridge on Instagram? Guess what… she’s is just about to go on google to look for a product like yours. Will she find you?

Company two. Company two regularly engages with influencers that have blogs. They get the initial engagement company one got. Jenny, mum of one from Cambridge heads on to google to look for the product company two sells. She types in what she’s looking for. She’s feeling lucky so hits the button. Bingo. She finds company two and goes on to make a purchase. Google favour company twos products because it’s had recent up to date content from 5 blogs in the last few days. Where as company one who done all of their marketing through Instagram missed out on their organic website traffic and potentially lost a sale.

So to companies looking to grow organically and ultimately direct traffic to your website, blogs will always be relevant while google favours fresh content.



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