Kaia is now one and if I am totally honest the easiest fed baby ever. She will literally eat anything, anytime!

She is a good sized one year old, weighing her isn’t top of my list of things to do, but I know she is growing nicely.

She is still very much drinking her milk (obviously), in addition as I am back to work we are topping her up mainly with pouches for convenience.

The first choice for us has always been Babease, their range is widely available – we get our pouches when doing the weekly shop.

The main reason I love giving her Babease is the nutritious content, and you can just smell the difference in the pouches between them and other known brands.

The ingredients taste fresh and truly delicious, and I know that she is actually enjoying the food.

Babease Baby Plan 7 Month Onwards Pouches

The Pumpkin, chickpea pouch has to be one of her favorites, it smells & tastes like a proper ‘meal’ which I love.

The consistency is not overly lumpy but still textured.

Babease 6 Month onwards pouches

The selection is really vast so we never have trouble mixing things up on a busy day.

Do you opt for pouches, has your baby got a favourite?


Rebecca x

*Disclaimer: Babease sent us these pouches so we have their up to date flavours

You can buy Babease pouches in most supermarkets, we get ours from Tesco.


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