What the girls wore 2

Its increasingly difficult with two very small children to capture images  of them together and in similar themed clothing, so just before we go on here is some housekeeping.

In some what the girls wore posts it will only be one baby, ie if said child gets a new outfit, or one won’t sit still for a picture!

So this weekend was bank holiday, to be honest we have had a lazy couple of weeks and had many days where we have only been in our vests all day! The girls that is, not me!

Tuesday the post arrives and we receive our long awaited ‘slip dress’ from Coco & Indie. The velvet effect dress arrived, slightly smaller than I had imagined but it fits Kaia very well and looks super adorable, and bang on trend. We ordered size 1-2.


I wasn’t sure how to style the dress to get the best out of it so we tried a few different tops underneath. We settle for one of actually a similar peachy colour. A ribbed top from next.

The baby looked perfectly pretty in her sweet dress. We went outside for a little walk with her rucksack on and I just couldn’t help thinking how grown up she looked in the dress specifically! She looked ready for school!

This month brings September. So expect lots of autumnal baby spam imagery!

Love, Rebecca x




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