Picking Pumpkins at Farmer Pauls

Today I took the girls (solo) to our local pumpkin patch to pick a couple of Pumpkins. We live in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and the go-to place locally is ‘Farmer Pauls’. The pumpkins are already picked and put in to a huge barn, so its just really easy to go and make your choice!

We headed down there on saturday afternoon, it was relatively quiet and we got to take lots of cute snaps!

The car was literally parked in the barn so I was able to get the girls out one-at-a-time to take pictures of them individually.

On route to Farmer Paul’s


Huge Range of pumpkins

My two little ladies were both SO good and loved having a play with the pumpkins, like a mini sensory class!

There was literally a sea of pumpkins! Orange EVERYWHERE!

Kaia was constantly trying to just dive in the pumpkins!

Giving my big pumpkin a kiss!

My country babe

I love the light coloured pumpkins!

I absotutely love the white pumpkins! I did’nt get one but it does give us an excuse to go back for more photos!

They do sell out very quickly though, so hopfully we will get to grab a few!

Im so so glad I took my girls! I can’t wait to look back on these photos as they grow!

Here is the link to the pumpkin patch we went to http://farmerpaul.co.uk/

Have you got any halloween traditions?

Love, Rebecca x


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