PASTIMES – The Beach Hut 2016

I was having a quick look through old photos yesterday and came across the pictures from our first ever visit to the beach hut from 2016. Leia was 17 months and Kaia only a MONTH old!

The day was quite windy, so the sea doesn’t look too bright.

The whole family (minus my brother) came.

We borrowed a vintage silvercross that day which was fantastic, I had to post these photos!

I think we got some good pics, let me know what you think?

Dad, looking out to sea

Leia with Nanny & Aunty Naomi

The Ladder in the Beach Hut

My sister, mum & Leia

Kaia, only 1 month old

The Beach Hut has some great views

Vintage Kettle

The Stove

Me & Leia

Kaia & I

The Vintage Silvercross, I think its around 40 years old

Little Bear in the car seat

Family Shot minus Kaia!

Both kids for the win!

I hope you enjoyed this little throwback in time to 2016.

So glad I went through the old pics!

Love, Rebecca x


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  1. Naomi Coldron
    August 12, 2017 / 7:51 am

    Wow so cute!

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