Jack N’ Jill Kids Natural Toothpaste Review

So when it comes to teeth cleaning in this house we set the girls a routine really early on so it sticks. I physically can’t sleep without ensuring mine and Leia’s teeth are clean. It’s always tricky though with kids toothpaste as you don’t want them just swallowing mouthfuls.

Jack N’ Jill is a natural toothpaste for babies, toddlers & children.

It is 100% safe for children, even of swallowed.

We were sent a selection of products for both girls to try out.

Both girls have been using the certified organic strawberry flavour toothpaste, we got another flavour too – but this I thought would taste really good, and it does!

I’ve been using the silicone finger toothbrush with Kaia, I like the innovative design of this as it allows parents to really be able to get in there and control the brushing, without any fuss at all. To be honest, this would probably be a good option to try with a bigger baby who isn’t quite there yet with brushing.

I have found the brush really easy to use and Kaia just loves having her teeth brushed with it!

Leia is a bit more difficult when it comes to her pearly whites, some days she’s really really good and letting me brush, others she’s a nightmare, but we persevere!

Leia was sent their ‘bio’ toothbrush which is super cute with a little purple character on the handle. Leia loved the taste of the toothpaste and I personally just feel really confident when using it on her as I know it’s not going to harm her if swallowed!

You can find out more about the Jack N’ JIll range here.

What tooth products do you use for your little ones? How do you find brushing their teeth?


*We were sent PR samples of the Jack N’ Jill range for review purposes.

All opinions are my own (or the girls)


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  1. April 25, 2017 / 5:24 am

    I think I’m going to need to look in to this. I feel like sometimes Connor swallows/eats more of the toothpaste than he actually brushes his teeth with. Fab review, your girls are too cute! xx

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