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I have spoken about our weaning journey for both girls on my channel a lot over the last few months.

With Leia being 2, I’m finding her relatively easy to please at the moment, Kaia is 9 months and is at the stage where she wants to feed herself. I find myself increasingly worried that she’s not getting enough as most of what she’s eating ends up on the highchair or all down her / me!

Our current ‘go to’ meals are the ‘Babease’ pouches. I have spoken about the range before. You can see an early weaning video here.

In tesco earlier this week I noticed they had new flavours and Kaia has really been enjoying the brown rice & chicken with broccoli, pumpkin & peas.

The texture is brilliant, I trust her with the consistency of the meal and overall they smell delicious. I can just tell she is getting the nutrition she needs.

Where possible I try to keep her snacks more on the vegetable side where possible to get her in to enjoying veggies!

I absolutely love the Babease ingredient wheel on the back of every pouch so I can easily see exactly what’s in them before I make the choice.

They are now available in Tesco which makes them a little easier for us to grab when doing the weekly shop.

Have you got any ‘go to’ meals for your little ones?

Rebecca, Leia & Kaia’s Mummy x

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    April 28, 2017 / 2:07 pm

    Great post x

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