A world of variety with For Aisha

We have two girls aged two and under and the struggle to keep them satisfied with food is very real! Kaia my one year old is easy enough but Leia (2) needs lots of variety, she tends to get bored easier.

As they are getting bigger they are remembering if they didn’t like something which is an entirely new experience to me.

I was super happy when we received a huge package of goodies with the full ‘For Aisha’ range inside. We have tried the range previously and I just knew both girls would love it!

So many delicious meals to try

The range is truly extensive, with so many flavors for the girls to try.

The 7 month plus range is ‘nicely’ textured perfect for those first tastes. The flavours in the range are mildly spicy, both girls loved the Mild Chicken Curried Dahl especially!

They are packed full of healthy ingredients and everything For Aisha use’s is 100% natural.

No artificial additives or flavourings

The 10 month plus range is perfect for your growing toddler, introducing them to even more variety, the meals are larger and the ingredients chunkier, perfect for both of our girls.

The 10 month plus range by For Aisha

I knew both girls would love the Chicken sweet potato curry, and they did, I tend to give them one to share at dinner times or if just one girl is having it, half for lunch is fine then the other half at dinner.

Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry

You can find the range inĀ Asda which is where we buy ours, but you can find your local stockist here

What baby food do you go for usually?

Love, Rebecca x


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