A Letter To My Girls

As I write this Leia, you are 2. My cuddly snuggly little love in my life. You love to cuddle mummy. When I say to you, ‘Leia, give mummy a cuddle’ you put your arm around my head and often give a reassuring tap. It is literally everything! I love these moments so much. You are 2, I literally can’t believe how fast your life has flown so far. It just seems impossible.

I don’t have to close my eyes to bring myself back to the days when you were in my tummy, it just feels like yesterday that we met you.

Kaia, you are eleven months. Our little angel. We love to smother you with kisses constantly, even though it kind of annoys you! I swear I must kiss you more than one hundred times a day. I love to watch you sleep, still at the stage where you go back to the foetal position, I’m holding on to you doing that for a little while yet. I want you to know you always smell of cookies, so much so that when people hold you they ask why you smell of yummy cakes. I have no idea why but it is just divine! With your first birthday looming I am constantly thinking of what we were doing this time last year. We had not met you yet.

I dragged daddy & Leia down to the maternity unit as I was convinced you were on your way.

We would not meet you for another 24 hours. I remember you kicking away in my tummy, you gave the strongest kicks ever!

Leia you are currently snuggled on the floor napping, Kaia in the travel cot, a brick in mouth, rubbing your cute little nose on the netting.

Love, Mummy xx




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  1. Nay
    July 22, 2017 / 4:29 am

    So cute ! x

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